Mending broken equipment, so we can mend hearts

East Timor Hearts Fund has supported the establishment of Timor-Leste’s first cardiac care ward at Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares, with a

significant donation of specialist equipment, courtesy of our great friends Cardioscan.

Our volunteer biomedical engineer Gordon Szegi ensures that the equipment remains in good working order so that East Timor Hearts Fund and its partners can continue to deliver quality care to heart patients.

Gordon accompanied our volunteer medical team to Dili 15 months ago to assemble and set up the equipment at Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares. In June he will make a return visit, to do a check up on the donated patient monitors, ECG machines and diagnostic cardiac ultrasound units.

Maintaining sensitive medical equipment in a humid tropical environment is a test of resourcefulness, but Gordon is well prepared for the challenge.

“Working in a regional hospital in country Victoria, in Australia, there’s the expectation to try and get most devices up and running yourself, with phone support from the supplier. So it’s useful to have an understanding of how a device is to perform on a patient, “ Gordon says. “A background in electronics and being able to problem solve on the spot definitely helps as well.”

You can read Gordon’s profile, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on his work in Dili.

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