Scaling mountains for healthy hearts

Our board chair Ingrid Svendsen explains why she's trekking across mountains for East Timor Hearts Fund

Walking 135km across mountains is one of the more unusual duties I’ve been called on to undertake as chair of the board of East Timor Hearts Fund. But I love a challenge, so in July I’ll once again don boots and backpack for the Trans-Timor Trek.

The inaugural event last year was an incredible experience, even for someone who has visited Timor-Leste numerous times and travelled to some of its most inaccessible beauty spots. The sunrise from the 2986 metre Mt Ramelau is all the more spectacular when you’ve travelled there on foot, carrying a 20-kilo backpack.

The trip is not just a holiday jaunt; its goal is to raise awareness of heart health issues in Timor-Leste, where one in 28 school children, and one in 20 girls, has treatable, preventable, rheumatic heart disease.

We also aim to raise $20,000 to help mend one of those broken hearts.

You can find out more about the trek on our website. Please go to the trek fundraising page to sponsor any of the six hardy souls who are putting their bodies on the line for heart health in Timor-Leste. And please – wish me luck!

– Ingrid Svendsen

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