Meet Nelsia - she's living proof

Our special guest at Run Melbourne is four-year-old Nelsia, now brimming with good health following her heart surgery only six months ago.

Nelsia’s life has been transformed since her surgery in March as part of our Operation GoodHearts paediatric surgical mission. No longer tired and breathless, Nelsia can play with her friends and siblings. She can look forward to a longer, healthier life.

Nelsia and her dad are participating in Run Melbourne to raise funds and awareness. Nelson said: “We encourage people to support East Timor Hearts Fund because they help many people with heart disease in our country Timor-Leste.”

This is a fantastic opportunity to see living proof of the impact of our work and your generosity.

Please donate to Nelsia’s Run Melbourne appeal online. You can find out more about her journey to health here.

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