We did it! Thank you for helping Every Heart, Everywhere

We did it!

A special message from our CEO

Dear friends,

Eighteen days ago we asked our supporters to help us raise $25,000 by Christmas Eve for better heart health for people in remote districts in Timor-Leste.

The response has been truly incredible.

Today we achieved our target – two days ahead of schedule!

We’ve now raised $25,000 in public donations online, so we’ll be sending our medical volunteers to some of the most rugged and isolated corners of Timor-Leste in 2019. We will deliver on our goal of providing heart screening for more than 300 people from remote areas next year, as well as education and preventative health programs, and follow up care for those who need it.

Donations from generous supporters are still flowing in to our campaign page. Our campaign has inspired so many people!

We don’t want to cut off the goodwill of people who passionately want to make a difference for our neighbours in Timor-Leste. So we’ve decided to leave the appeal open, and let it run until its original end date of midnight on 24 December.

Any extra funds raised will allow us to expand our life-saving penicillin program in remote areas. We will be able to identify more at-risk young people and provide monthly penicillin shots to stop their heart disease from progressing. We’ll also deliver heart health education for patients and health workers.

All of us at East Timor Hearts Fund are truly thrilled by the commitment of so many people to better heart health for our friends and neighbours in Timor-Leste.

Thank you for supporting Every Heart, Everywhere


Stuart Thomson,


East Timor Hearts Fund


PS: Don’t forget that our generous supporter is still matching all donations received before midnight on Christmas Eve, so we can double our impact! Please let your family, colleagues and friends know that they can still donate.

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