A message from our Ambassador

Lin Jong, Western Bulldogs

As a professional athlete, good health is my life.

It’s easy to take health and medical services for granted when you’ve been fortunate enough to be born in one of the luckiest countries on the planet.

But I know not everyone is so lucky.

My dad Vitor was born in East Timor. He fled when he was only 18, to escape the civil war there.

East Timor now has its independence, and things are improving all the time. But there are still many people, including young people with heart disease, who can’t get the medical help they need.

I’m proud to be an ambassador for East Timor Hearts Fund. I’ve met lots of the young patients, and seen how life-changing heart surgery has been for them. Having a kick with 13-year-old Paulo after his heart operation, seeing a kid who was so sick able to run and chase the ball – that changed my life too.

I’m committed to supporting the amazing work of East Timor Hearts Fund. Please check out the website to see how we can mend more broken hearts together.

Lin Jong, Western Bulldogs

26 April 2017

'Having a kick with Paulo changed my life too'