The Trans-Timor Trek

In 2003 peacekeeper and paramedic Mick Stuth served in Timor-Leste. He vowed to return and make a practical contribution.

Now, supported by local guides, Mick is leading an historic trek across Timor to spread a healthy heart message and raise funds to support our work.

'The local stories of resistance, brutality, helplessness from characters with faces of resilience and pride have sat with heart felt burdened and I promised myself that I would one day come back to this new nation to assist the local communities in some way that adds true value.'  

Read Mick's story and find out what inspired this historic trek.

A nurse's trek for healthy hearts


Intensive care nurse Louise Burke took part in the inaugural Trans-Timor Trek in 2017 and found it profoundly moving.

While she remembers stunning mountain-top sunrises and amazingly friendly villagers who turned out to greet the trekkers, the experience also caused her to reflect on health inequalities and her work

“Sometimes we complain at work about things like not having enough supplies or equipment,” Louise says.

“It's not until you see how other people live that you realise how much we take for granted what we do have. 

“Many people we saw on the trek are a few days by foot to the nearest health care. We came across health clinics, the only medical facilities for days, that were closed because there were no trained staff.

“I left Timor touched by these amazing people and wanting to help make a difference in their lives. I hope that nurses and others will jump on board and support the trek. It’s an amazing experience and a practical way to support our neighbours in Timor-Leste.”